Friday, 20 January 2017

Tag, card and Journal Page

Hello Everyone. I can't believe Friday  has come around again already, where does the time go I wonder?  Hope you have had a good week and thank you for all of your visits at Jumbled Crafts.

At Go Tag Thursday the theme this week is Feathers and I have been looking for some real feathers but none around at the moment so I made a digital tag instead

 I made a feathered background then found this image of the sweet little finch that was moulting

I am joining in at the Double D Challenge that I saw on Annie's blog. Not my usual style but Avril sent me some really beautiful die cuts and I wanted to try them on projects-thank you  Avril. The theme for the challenge is Black and White.

At Art Journal Journey the challenge for January is chosen and hosted by Erika. The theme is Every Journal Page tells a story.

This is a strange tale of one mother's struggle to get her children to eat vegetables.
Every day she served then vegetables and usually they left them so she decided that the rule would be no pudding if they didn't eat the veg. It seemed to be working until she found a bag of vegetables buried in the flower bed.The naughty children had been putting them into a bag under the table and taking it into the garden when she wasn't looking.
She thought of an answer and made large puddings that had the middle scooped out and mixed up with the grated vegetables, She put this mix into the pudding and the pudding back in the steamer. When she served it to the children it was covered in their favourite butterscotch sauce. Every bit was eaten and they asked for more. I was that mum who did something similar but not as elaborate.

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Challenge at Try it on Tuesday

Hello Everyone. Thank you to all of you who visit and make it a happy and special place for me.

Time for our second Challenge this year at Try it on Tuesday and the theme this  time is Anything but Square. Lots of inspiration from the wonderful team if you go to TIOT to have a look. Check our rules as well while you are there and then you could be one of our TOP 5 chosen by the team. If you are chosen you could be invited as a guest designer for a future challenge. That is how I got onto the team and I am so happy and proud to be a part of it.

I made hat pincushions which are definitely not square.

You can find instructions on how to make one here and mine are based on that tutorial with my own twists as always.

For the small one I used the lid from a can of spray paint and the top from a tin of coffee. The larger one was the bottom half of a big yoghurt pot, that I strengthen with card, and a piece of strong card for the bottom. The material is all the bits left over from a quilt that my daughter made. She always gives me the bits that are left over from her projects.

Hope to see your entry for the challenge soon as you have 2 weeks to make something that isn't square

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 16 January 2017

T is for Tuesday

Hi Again All. A second post for me today and it is T is for Tuesday at Elizabeth's blog where we are invited to join the Tuesday gang with a drinks related post.
 I am never too sure what time the tea gathering starts as we are in different time zones so I thought it best to post now then it won't get mixed up with tomorrow's offerings. Happy T Day to all who visit.

Here is Vic holding a special coffee cup. It is one of many that we have bought on the Carlisle to Settle railway--- we get on in Leeds way south of Settle to go up to visit  daughter Linda. The buffet trolley service is run by volunteers and the sandwiches and other good are made by them. Someone else gets on with the buffet as well and that person knows everything about this famous railway and you can ask questions or buy a beautiful book about the line.

If you go here you can learn all the history so I won't go into that in my post.

 I would just like to say that way back in the 1980's the line was threatened with closure and many of us joined in a protest to keep it open and used the line as much as we could. As I lived quite a way from Carlisle it did mean longer journeys but it was worth using the line in the end because in 1989 the government decided to keep it open. At the moment it is closed because of the terrible floods in 2015/16 that damaged parts to the track and the structure but it is due to open again in March 2017. To celebrate the reopening the newly refurbished steam train the Flying Scotsman will make a journey on it.

Many books have been written about the horrors the 6,000 men and their families suffered in the bleak area as they built the line and the wonderful viaduct that still stands just as proudly today.
Image result for carlisle to settle viaduct

Love Chrissie xx

Inchie and Time for another Book

Hi All and Happy New Week. Hope you have stayed safe during the bad weather. Our snow never arrived apart from a sprinkling that froze over and then disappeared. Thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts and for any comments that you leave for me.

At Every Inchie Monday the animal this week is Cat.

Poor thing looks better when it is only an inch. I did try to make it look fluffy. Still not decided how to present them this time my brain needs some sun.

Nothing much else to show but I have started work on a new 'us' album as I made the last one in 2012 and we have done lots since then. Still in the same house though so that is something for us.

These are the pages of the that album and they are packed full of pockets with miniature replicas of photographs that we have taken at the time and also other special things I wanted to save.

Hope you enjoyed the flit through our past.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Journal Page and Tag

Hi All from a very cold NE UK Coast. Hope you weren't flooded yesterday as our coast had horrendous tides. Snow is forecast so I will be staying in and knitting with some sport watching as usual. Thank you for calling in and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

At Art Journal Journey the challenge for January is chosen and hosted by Erika. The theme is Every Journal Page tells a story.

Once upon a Time,
Before Ebay or Amazon Prime,
A magical shop
Came out on top
And sold everything that you desired,
Plus other things that could be hired.
A balding man found his lost hair
The good news is the shop is still there.

I took this photograph last year in Lytham. There are little alleyways all over the place full of interesting shops and great ideas for crafting. On the other side of the road there is an alleyway with a great coffee shop upstairs with home made food.

Go Tag Thursday has alphabet or letter as the theme for this week

I painted the background then used a stencil to do the alphabet in black ink.

I drew the word cat and the cat images- they were meant to look childlike--pretend :)

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 12 January 2017

All about Love

Hi All. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts where today I seem to be on a Love Theme though it was quite by accident that happened. 

At Art Journal Journey the challenge for January is chosen and hosted by Erika. The theme is Every Journal Page tells a story.

I made this page digitally and it shows my husband and a dream scene that tells a real love story of when we first started going out together. We were in his car one cold and frosty morning and he said he wanted me to listen to a tape he had just bought. Yes we still used tapes in cars in those days!
I listened and it was so beautiful I cried with happiness. The words on my collage are part of the song and if you want to listen to it all it is here  on youtube. It still send tingles down my spine when I listen to it.

Moo Mania and More have love as their theme for the next two weeks as well and you can make anything you like that follows the theme

If Music be the Food of Love, Play On

It just so happens that Digitally Sweet has Music as their theme for this month so both of these will fit in-such a happy coincidence for me.

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tag, T stand for Tuesday and Reminder

Hi All and welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Always nice to have you call in and thank you for any comments you leave.

Today is reminder day for the challenge at Try it on Tuesday where we are asking you to use tissue or napkins on your project. Lots of ideas from the team so do visit the TIOT blog if you need inspiration. Still another week for you to join in.

Tag Tuesday has the theme Paper Lace or Doilie and you can use any medium you like to make a tag. Not many join in these days but if you like tag making they do have some very different ideas.

I have gone digital this week as I am still playing catch-up with my crafting since my daughter went back home.

This was made also for T stands for Tuesday at Altered Book Lover Elizabeth's blog. It is quite a new venture for me and I only just grasped the idea that T stand for something to do with a drink related post. So this week T does stand for Tea, Happy T Day to all the others who visit from Elizabeth's post.

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 9 January 2017

Journal Page and Inchie

Happy New Week All. I hope it will be a good one for you

At Art Journal Journey the challenge for January is chosen and hosted by Erika. The theme is Every Journal Page tells a story.

This page tells the story of a nightmare where the main character dreams she is naked--we all have those dreams I'm sure but this dream proves to be real ! Strange how anyone naked draws attention and yet we accept the many people with just the flimsiest of covering walking around where ever they chose.

Every Inchie Monday have hamster as the theme for this week in a year of animal challenges themes

Hope this looks like a hamster my daughter said it looked like Sandy, the Guinea pig she owned when she was about 5.

Hope you have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Journal page. tag and photographs

Hi All. It has been nice to have a blog break with my daughter but I did miss seeing all your wonderful makes so I will be back to calling around blogs again tomorrow. Hope you have had a great week to start the New Year.

At Art Journal Journey the challenge for January is chosen and hosted by Erika. The theme is Every Journal Page tells a story.

 I used a piece of digital art I did in 2005 but I have made it into a book cover this time round. It tells the tale of a beautiful fashion model and the way that she really feels as she starves herself to get into the skinny clothes and stupid style high heeled shoes. A must read for the very young who think being a model is wonderful.

Go Tag Thursday have Haberdashery as the theme this week

This is mixed media with some of the tag of real sewing things finished off with digital embellishments.

Here are some photos from the last few days

Linda and Vic on the seafront

Linda and me on the seafront

Linda had crocheted some dolls and brought two of them with her for me to make hats and accessories and we also managed to make another one while she was here. The dolls are quite big with legs that move so I designed a stand to show them standing up. They're not meant as toys as that would mean a list of dos and don't as long as my arm. The clothes all take off and are interchangeable. I think they are going to be raffle prizes for charities but not sure yet.



No name yet?

Back of no name yet

I also designed a certificate and they each will have one rolled up and tied with a ribbon. It says their name and who made them etc. It also says
' adapted pattern designed by Carola Herbst.' just in case any of you fancy crocheting one. A great way to use up bits and bobs of wool.

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A Tissue at Try it on Tuesday

Hello Everyone and thank you for calling in.

This post is to announce the first challenge of 2017 at Try It On Tuesday. It is always exciting to start a new challenge and this one has lots of possibilities as the theme is A Tissue.  Wonderful ideas from the team over at TIOT so I hope you pop along and take a look if you need inspiration.

I made a framed picture-the photograph was taken on a part finished jigsaw that we are doing.

Hung on the craft room wall

It started out with this large plastic plate 10 inches diameter

Covered it in texture and made patterns with my fingers.  The centre was covered with a 4 inch paper circle for later

When it was dry I painted it with white acrylic paint then covered it with the thin top layer of the paper napkin so the texture would show through.

This is the paper napkin I used

Then I used a photograph taken in 1920 of my dad and his mum and dad paddling in he sea. I cut out 4 inches round of the photograph.This was mounted on another paper then stuck in the centre of the plate where there was no texture because the paper was removed that was added earlier.

It will be great to see your takes on the theme so please join us.

I would like to enter this at Altered Eclectics as well where anything altered is accepted

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx